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Personal Wardrobe Styling Services


Seasonal Closet Curation

Seasonal Closet Curation includes basic review of your closet for the current season, assessment of the best and most current styles for you based on your personal style and specific body silhouette.   We create a custom shopping list of items to fill in for the season.

During this service, we review things that work well, eliminate your less flattering items and look at ones that can be altered. You try on key items in your closet and we review color,  fit, and style that works best for you.  Once we complete your seasonal closet curation,  I provide you with a list of key pieces (The Polished Wardrobe Algorithm) that I feel are missing from your wardrobe, which will enable you to get more wear from your existing clothes. 

*Additional sessions may be necessary to fully complete Seasonal Closet Curation for shoes and other accessories, and depending on the size of your wardrobe. 

Estimated  Time: 3 to 3.5 Hours


Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping consists of an hour of our prep-time and three hours of shopping WITH you. 

Based on the results of the Closet Curation, your budget and/or your needs, we shop together. Ahead of our session we will already have spent time locating the right items for you (pre-shopping*), maximizing our time together so that we can work as efficiently as possible. You can walk away with photographs of outfits we create for future reference. 

*Depending on current wardrobe needs and timing, we may require additional personal shopping time during a second for subsequent session. 

Estimated Time: 4 Hours

3 hours of 1:1 shopping plus 1 hour of setup time to pre-shop.


Styling Finale

The Styling Finale puts everything together in your wardrobe!  We meet back at your home to unite your new and existing wardrobe pieces and accessories with a final "try-on" and styling session.

During the Styling Finale we integrate the items in your closet, including shoes and other accessories,  with the new items purchased to create outfit options and further  define your Wardrobe Capsule.

We take photos of your new outfits and send you a Style Sheet of photos taken during the Styling Finale, of the new completed outfits we create together, 

A printed copy of your personalized Style Sheet can be purchased for purchase.

The Styling Finale is a KEY part of learning the art of outfit creation and the mix and match of a wardrobe capsule.  This should not be MISSED!

Estimated Time: 2 to 2.5 Hours


Concierge Shopping

This is ideal for those of you that don’t have time to shop or may not enjoy shopping. This may be in conjunction with a previous Wardrobe Curation or stand-alone service. 

Ahead of our session you will be asked to provide me with details of your lifestyle, your perception of your existing personal style and what you would like to achieve through an initial consultation.  In addition, we will have a Video Call consultation (if we have never met) to discuss what styles, shapes and colors work best for you. 

With this information, I will then shop for you within the budget we have the brief.   At your fitting session (we set date in advance)  I will create outfits from the items purchased, either at local retail or through online sources, as well as showing you how you can integrate them into you existing wardrobe. 

I will photograph you in all of the outfits I create on that day and send them to you in a personalized Style Sheet for you to refer back to when making daily style choices. Prices are based on the time needed for me to fulfill your shopping requirements plus a one-on-one  fitting session.

Including travel time for returns/exchanges *Either in-store or online shopping 

Estimated Time:  Variable based on hourly rate


Special Event Shopping

Do you have a wedding, speaking engagement or other important life event coming up?

Have you searched your closet and cannot find the "right" outfit?

I can help you by either shopping for a new outfit or helping you select an existing one that would perfectly fit your event.

Estimated Time: Variable based on hourly rate


Virtual Styling

Virtual Styling is for clients that are on the road, outside of the Columbus area or need help with their wardrobe from outside Central Ohio. We set up a video conference to work together. Your video call sessions will consist of an in-depth questionnaire, tips and tricks, online shopping together, and more to track your progress.

I will ask you to send me a  few  representative photographs of you wearing what you consider to be your best outfits to get a sense of your personal style.

Unlike other virtual styling sessions we pay close attention to styling, fit and detail.  We further address  "what you want to communicate" by your appearance while at the same time integrating that with your personal style.  

Estimated Time:  Variable based on hourly rate and number of sessions